Who Are We?

We’re the celebrities of Planet Aromatherapy! We are the OILS WITH ATTITUDE!

We’re here to help you.

If you find yourself reaching for a wine glass at the end of the day to calm the frazzled nerves, or you want a more relaxing sleep at the end of an exhausting day, you’re in the right place.

Do you need a formula to rub on tired muscles after exercise? Or would you just like to spoil yourself with your own personal scent? (Won’t the friends be jealous of that!!)

Sometimes the kids drive you nuts, sometimes it’s life in general!

The best part is, not only will The Smelly Little Oil Company look after you, we’ll look after your children as well (if you have children or are involved with them).

Welcome to the celebs of Planet Aromatherapy… The Smelly Little Oil Company!

We’re Great For The Kids Too!

We’re great for children because:
1. We’re inclusive – we come from all over the world!
2. We show children how working together gets the job done!
3. We can help children relax, concentrate on study, have a more peaceful sleep, which in turn means a more balanced little person!
4. Regular use of essential oils might mean less use of pharmaceuticals which in turn means a greener, happier planet!
5. We’re plants, and we help children develop an interest in nature!

Happier children means happier parents, grandparents or aunties and uncles!

Don’t forget – just like kids, we have ATTITUDE!