Tea Tree To The Rescue!

G’Day All!

Tommy Tea Tree here.

Glad to have the blog up and running at long last!

I just want to share today that I love killing germs!!! My best buddy Eugene is right there with me. We make a great team. 🙂

Cold germs are especially easy for us. You can dab me in your ears, and you can put Eugene (he would be eucalyptus) on your chest or behind your ears. He’s great for clearing blocked noses too.

Put a couple of drops of each of us on a tissue and breath in. But be careful not to breathe too much at once until you get used to doing it.

I guess this is not so helpful to Aussies at the moment since we’re in the middle of summer – I’ll pass the sunburn tips to Penny to do. But while it’s summer in Australia it’s winter in the northern hemisphere so we’ve got it going on up there!